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Luxe Paws: TNR & Rescue in Los Feliz, Silver Lake & Echo Park

Playpuss loves and supports Luxe Paws in a very personal way as one of our Chief Meow Officers - Fleetwood was saved from the streets due to their amazing work and efforts.

Luxe Paws is an all volunteer street rescue effort laser-focused on TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) spay/neuter & rescue for the most at-risk animals in the LA neighborhoods of Los Feliz/Silver Lake/Echo Park.

Luxe Paws ultimate goal is to inspire a neighborhood-based spay/neuter support model which, if replicated across LA, would PREVENT unwanted animals suffering on the street OR being euthanized at our city shelter.

...Read more about their mission here: Luxe Paws / SaveKittensLA.org

You can help support their efforts through social media support, volunteering if you're local and by direct donation via 

You Caring Medical Fund:  Luxe Paws You Caring Medical Fund


Paypal To: info@luxepaws.org


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