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Kittypod Iti Cat Scratcher Bed Lounge - Limited Qty *2pcs* left!

$45.00 USD $75.00 USD

Kittypod Iti Cat Scratcher Bed designed by Elizabeth Paige Smith!

The Iti (pronounced "itty") is like a beautiful island where your cat can have fantastical dreams. Flip it! for life anew. Features a 2" thick SCRATCHDECK™ so your cat can really go at it. The reversible Iti is similar to the infamous Kittypod classic design in that it is a bowl-shaped form that supports your cats body at the right angle. Easy to assemble, great for multiple cats who love to cuddle and stretch.

* Weight: 5 lbs

* Material: Recycled Corrugated Cardboard; 100% Recyclable

* Dimensions:  24" Diameter x 9H with 2-inch thick Scratchdeck™
Double sided reversible scratcher bed for extra wear & use!

* Care: Dry Brush or Broom or Vacuum

Cats will not be able to resist and will be all over this before the box is even opened!

Long lasting Double Sided Scratcher Bed - Just turn over when first side is used up!

Prevent furniture damage & keep your beloved feline's claws healthy!

Gives one or more cats or a brood of kittens ample comfy space to play & lounge!


Made in California USA